SONY DSCFrom the upcoming Soup Collective Exhibition called ‘Singularity’; to be held on March 23rd at 6pm Kurb Gallery Northbridge, Perth. Running tip March 28th. 11am till 5pm daily
Soup Collective is a group of Perth artists with diverse skills in differing art disciplines; in this exhibition we are to put in only 1 piece that we feel defines our art practice. ‘Breakdown’ is my submission

'Refined Failure'

From my ‘Leave Them In The Ground’ Collaborative Exhibition at Kurb Gallery, Jan 11th 2014.
4 Colour Screen print with Bitumen on Magnani paper, approx 65cm x 45cm

'Crude Spillage'

From Jan 11th 2014 Exhibition ‘Leave Them In The Ground’ Kurb Gallery , Northbridge , Perth

‘Crude Spillage’ :- Intaglio etching with sump oil, pen and stickers on Magnani paper, 55cm x 35 cm

'The Fall': plaster, etching ink and sump oil (9cm diam x various heights)

This group of 5 plaster Gypso Gravure columns ( 9cm diametre with varying heights ), called ‘The Fall’ was inspired by a quote found while researching oil spills and the damage caused to our waterways by seemingly insignificant sources.
“One single drop of used car oil can contaminate one million drops of groundwater. One single litre of used car oil can contaminate one million litres of ground water.”

'Zone 9'

3 Colour Screenprint from my Curtin Uni Grad Show Exhibition December 6th 2013
‘Zone 9’:- Screenprint on Magnini Paper with acrylic paint and sump oil, 148cm x 55cm

'Oil Slick #2'

From my Curtin Uni Grad Show 2013;
‘Oil Slick #2’ : ( Diptych 122 cm x 1800 cm ) Bitumen and Acrylic paint on canvas


Melville Sculpture Walk 2013, Deep Water Point, Perth. ‘Armchair Politics’ is a social comment on the inaction of local governments to curb the use of plastic bags in the retail sector in WA.

Mediums-: Timber, foam and recycled plastic bags

Timmy Chasing His Tail

Dry Point Etching on archival paper. Nov 4th 2012 at Tresillian Studio Artists Exhibition…..I sold most of my prints!! great night. Great support from friends.

Mined Matters

My piece for the CIT Art Auction 2nd August 2012. We raised $21,000 !! Lots of fun , lots of people and lots of wine

4 Cents Off Per Litre

CIT Grad Show 2012 Perth , 5th Dec. Big mother!! 9 mts x 4 mts.